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Urgent Assistance Needed

Volunteers needed to upload info

The PCO website was hacked and the website compromised. As a result we are in urgent need of volunteers to assist us in recreating the website, primarily re uploading the thousands of pages of educational information into the Polar Library.

Our Project Areas

The Polar Conservation Organisation is committed to providing quality educational information online via a series of educational info packs and E-Learning Modules. Besides educational packs and e-learning modules the Polar Conservation Organisation also maintains the Polar Library a website with thousands of pages of information on an about the Polar Regions.

The Polar Conservation Organisation is often invited to speak at conferences, company and society or club events. If you wish to have a Polar Conservation Organisation speaker at your next event please contact us for more details.

The Polar Conservation Organisation has made available thousands of pages of educational information available online via a website called the Polar Library. In the Polar Library, you will find information, images and videos about the history, geography, fauna, flora, science, stations, ships and people related to the Polar Regions. This work is all carried out by volunteers of the Polar Conservation Organisation.

NOTE: The Polar Library is current offline! Our servers where hacked and compromised, hence and we are currently rebuilding…

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E-Learning Module Funding

Operational funding for 2015 1000US$
Module 1 - The Value of Polar Regions 100US$
Module 2 - Importance of Polar Regions to the Oceans 50US$
Module 3 - Impact of Climate Change on the Polar Regions 50US$

Each E-Learning module costs US$ 500.00 to research, design and make using an online animated video platform called Moovly. We have over 30 modules already written which require funding to be made into E-Learnign videos for distribution online.

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