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Logo Link

Step by Step Guide:

  • Download the logo size you wish to use for the link from the selection below.
  • Upload that image file to an appropriate place on your webserver.
  • Cut and past the following HTML code into your web code at an appropriate place. (Remember to edit the image file name appropriately.)

HTML Code:

<a href=””><img src=”PCO_LOGO_FILENAME.jpg” border=0></a>

PCO Link Logos (Dimensions):

PCO-25x25 PCO Logo 25×25
PCO-66x33 PCO Logo 66×33
PCO-100x50 PCO Logo 100×50
PCO-50x50 PCO Logo 50×50
PCOlogo-100x100  PCO Logo 100×100


Text Link

Example: Polar Conservation Organisation

HTML Code:

<a href=””>Polar Conservation Organisation</a>

About the Polar Conservation Organisation

The Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO) is a registered non-profit foundation, committed to communicating and educating the public about the value of conserving and ensuring a sustainable future for both Polar Regions. In order achieve this objective, the PCO has and continues to develop specific projects and programs that target these areas. For more information visit