Polar Conservation Projects

In order to achieve its objectives, The Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO) has defined a number of projects. Each of these projects in designed to help achieve the PCO’s educational objectives, be engaging for those volunteers involved (PCO has no paid staff) and provide exposure to sponsors and supporters.

Polar Library

The PCO’s Polar Library is a collection of thousands of pages of educational information researched and made available via the website by volunteers.

Want to get involved with the PCO’s Polar Library:

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E-Learning Videos

The PCO is currently seeking to convert the information in the Polar Library into a series of e-learning videos which will be made available to schools and the general public.

Viral Effect & Technology involved

The multimedia modules will be developed and made available via the Animated Explanations Platform (www.animatedexplanations.com). This is a web2.0 technology platform which allows anyone to embed the modules on their own websites, thus creating a viral effect for the modules.

PCO has partnered with Instruxion the makers of the Animated Explanations platform to create a “Channel” with environmentally themed modules. See the PCO Channel.

How you can assist

Simply put sponsor one or more module(s). Each sponsored module will have a “this module was made possible by…” type message at the end. Hence there is space for companies and organisations to sponsor one or more modules and in return be gain exposure not only on the PCO website, the videos will be placed on various social media platforms and made available to schools free of charge.

Each E-Learning module costs US$ 500.00 to research, design and produce using an advanced online video platform called Moovly. We have 100’s of pages of educational information which we would like to convert into educational videos and make available free of charge to schools and the public in general.

In return for your sponsorship your logo will appear in the video as the sponsor that made that video possible.

Speaking Engagements

As part of our outreach, communication and education program, PCO founder, Brendon Grunewald, and others are available for speaking engagements at schools, clubs, exhibition openings, company and private events.


PCO has an continues to make itself available to speak at specific or bespoke events on topics related to the Polar Regions and conservation matters. We have a number of “standard slideshows and speeches” but can and have prepared speeches on specific topics for specific events.

Previous Speaking Engagements include:

  • A large number of schools, universities and other training and educational organisations
  • Clubs (e.g. Rotary)
  • Museum Exhibition Openings (e.g. Antarctic Exhibition in Tralee, Ireland)
  • Conferences (e.g. Shackleton Summer School, Athy Ireland)
  • Company events (e.g. Jaga, Group4Labs)

Free to educational institutions (Sponsor opportunity)

The PCO does not charge schools and other bona fide educational institutions to speak at their events, classes etc. (Travel costs however may apply.) Should you with to have us speak at your school or organisation, please contact us.

Should you wish to sponsor our outreach, communication and educational program through sponsoring the costs associated with this activity, please contact us. Your sponsorship will allow us to do more of this, and make it entirely free to more and more organisations (e.g. covering travel costs). This is an excellent way for your organisation to get significant exposure.

Interested in having us speak at your event?

Should you be planning an event and be looking for a speaker, please contact us. Fees for speaking at an event vary on the type of event (e.g. schools are free), there may also be additional costs (e.g. travel and accommodation) associated with our attendance.

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